State Change Alchemy™

Coaches, Facilitators and Change Makers Unlock Your Ultimate Connected Self

Learn the worlds first 9D Energetic Modality for Instant Healing, Calm, Clarity and Growth in Spiritual Abilities. 

Turn yours and your clients metaphysical lead into gold for relationships, life and business success

Friday 7th June In person in a Cotswold Spa Hotel  



Hot off the press, hold the front page!

The empowerment evolution of state change alchemy is here!

This is a massive opportunity for 30 leaders to take their spiritual awareness and gifts to a new level of extraordinary.

We begin in person on Friday 7th June at 10.00 so it is time to choose whether this is for you!

The information for this 4 month container was channelled in 2021 as it arrived on the planet from 9th Dimensional consciousness.

I even woke up with a bloodshot eye as the information came in so fast. The miracle is that it was shaped like a little heart 🙂

Have YOU felt a subtle transformation in yourself, and your spiritual radar has accelerated over the last few months?

If so read on…

Gill Kirkham

So this is for you if you know your heart has called you to do THE work. You understand that there is more to come and you wish to expand your abilities to RECEIVE unconditionally. Receive more love, clients and opportunities to your highest timeline.

There are no bounds to this method

I literally used a short version, in 10 minutes at the gym to free trauma stuck in my body during a body pump class from 2002.

It saved me going into overwhelm numerous times during a breakup and now life is in flow BIG TIME. 

Come play and learn with integrity at the same time.

Become the alchemist!

The most expensive problem we want to fix does not take huge amounts of money, it takes compassionate empowerment! It takes playful unwrapping of all resources available to us, the esoteric, emotional and material. Then reshaping and unlearning limiting beliefs on how to make change so our confidence and self worth becomes whole as we see through our wisest most connected eyes.

Card taken from the alchemists way oracle card pack

This IS a Collaboration of Empowering Abundance in the Super Conscious

Whilst you celebrate the success you have achieved, you are ready to birth profound, passionate manifestation and move away from the ultimate F.E.A.R (false evidence appearing real) which is always niggling in the subconscious.

Maybe your business is thriving yet you still miss connecting with people on a deeper level, especially the connection with yourself. I completely feel you! I used to sit and question why I seemed to be winning yet lacked inner peace, my true psychic skills and wondered why my health or wellbeing was not as good as it could be.

However you are questioning yourself, you are ready to reach more people, expand your self awareness, and recognise all of the beautiful energy that is around you so you can connect with it for emotional, spiritual and superconscious connection in a multi-dimensional way.

As a child were you afraid of the dark?

If so, this is the moment of clarity where it becomes a very positive experience for ALL aspects of your life. I can confirm it was the beings from the 4th & 5th Dimension and beyond, trying to communicate with you. (if you read this it is not an accident!)

The F.E.A.R and lack of energetic communication tools was preventing the connection and now it is time to change this as it will resonate in other areas of your life.

Do these thoughts feel familiar?

” I know I am capable of so much and the key is this connection with my higher self ”

” I feel like I could do so much more and my potency is not being focused towards my big vision  ”

” I have so many ideas I struggle to keep up, likely to be neuro diverse, so I create stress which prevents my fully fledged self from rising ”

‘ If only I could proudly say I have  intuitive gifts ? ” 

” What if I got on stage and froze ? ”

” If only I could get my clients past their  blocks in the moment, but I cant get to it ! ”

” I know there are beings, guides and energies patiently waiting to contact me and are helping to heal and transform me ”

” I want so badly to be in a place of Divine unconditional receiving but do not know what that entirely looks like ”

F.E.A.R causes chaos and LOVE creates clarity!

Multi-Dimensional Heart Connection is Ready for You

You DO have all the answers, this is how to access them.

The way to consistently reach more flow states of being is through a new channeled energy tool which has only been available on the planet since 2021 as the collective energy rises

It simplifies spiritual and emotional growth

This is for you if you want everything below and bring it to your loved ones and clients

These are the exact experiences my clients have had through our work, and THIS right now, is the ultimate gift from the Universe/your higher-self. WE are here on this planet at a very special time and these energies have not been available to us like this before. You no longer need to feel like something is missing or work has to be hard, or your health or love life is being compromised as we have been given the keys to expansion

It is an Invitation from the Stars

You are helping to activate your gifts and find ALL the answers within you. Realising your manifesting skills to the ultimate spiritual up level of empowered abundance and energetic mastery is my life’s work. This 9th-dimensional energy is only available to those who have the vibration of generosity, high integrity and openness. Those who are destined to make an impact on the world, like you, those who are so close to cracking open into the next level of that heart-led legacy. You’ll have to make a quick choice and apply right away. Let your soul lead the way.


Searching for who you truly are is a fallacy, because YOU are CONSTANTLY EVOLVING and the TRUTH IS NOT ABSOLUTE!
Your ability to PERCEIVE Multi-dimensionally IS IMPORTANT to NURTURE so that you get all the self awareness and NUANCES in energy and information coming your way!

On a Personal Note, this is for you if..

You lead and want to break through the invisible walls

You are successful at something and you will support others

You are able to receive support and will make time to be learn this process over the three months 

You wish for a life-enhancing tool to help you and your clients

You sometimes still tell yourself mini-stories that take you down

You have yet to learn to calibrate to the best timeline in the moment 

You are a starseed, rebel, a wild child or feel different, unique somehow

You sometimes feel stuck behind an invisible wall to your next level of contentment, belonging or success.

You are not as healthy, content or adventurous as you could be! 

You like being in control and want to do it with more Grace and less rigidity.

How does it feel?

It is leaps ahead of Reiki and hypnosis, RTT. Why? Because of the simplicity and the container allows individual specifics, highs and lows, real life situations, and what ever energy is required can come through not rigid or capped process

No such thing as Time

9th Dimension, can release trauma and stuckness so all you need to do is access it with the right intention and fast


Connect with what lights you up in the Quantum. See what you need to transmute and why 

Here is the Container of How!

This is for you if you are a changemaker, leader, spiritual coach, sales coach, psychic coach,  relationship coach, mediator, nutritionist, business coach, marketing coach, Starseed, neuro diverse coach, healer, therapist, NLP, EFT, RTT practitioner etc.  

You already helps others get results! 

This is the next level awakening to work alongside your current practices. 

You know that you are ready for more, you will be proactive to learn and be in it to grow so that all members feel safe as one cohesive thriving mastermind. 

If you are new to my work then email to apply, see if this is for you as must be able to hold space to a level of care for others, and the in person events are at my house we can have a call! 

You would like to be with 30 people that will be connected through soul work

Practitioners Experiential Group and LEVEL 1 Accreditation

During the first two months you will activate, immerse and integrate this new energetic tool as method to free F.E.A.R consciousness that will ensure you receive love in abundance unconditionally in all intended areas of your life and potential accreditation for holding space like a boss with your clients.

Month three and four are to help you through your practice and support whilst using it with others

Gill encourages group bonding and support, she is a guide not a Guru. Relationships and shared resources with high vibe changemakers is a definite. 


9D Activation, The most complex spiritual concepts simplified for use. 

SPIRAL ALCHEMY is the key energetics to the 45 minute process that once mastered can become your go to energy shifter. 

Actively practice the process of mind, metaphysics, quantum connection and practical application

WEEKS 2, 4, 6 


Come to these sessions to recognise, release, align, focus and continue the journey of deeper awareness as we connect and experience the next layer of integration and teaching on a personal level. 

You will be practicing the technique with others in between 

This will be up to 2 hours (not compulsory to the advanced spiritual coaches but recommended as deep protocols ( Level 2 ) will be weaved in ) 


As your 9th Dimensional abilities have been activated  this is how you learn to open and hold the space for yourself, clients, family, friends.

This method is full of activation codes for expert space holding


learn how to realise and retune imbalance of masculine and feminine energy.

 Empower through leaky boundaries that lead to people pleasing and discontent.  

Embody your whole self through healthy awareness and consent! 

THIS IS INNER WORK for you to Uplevel



Learn protocols of how to navigate the ego and inner child for use with self and clients if you or they need to go deeper



Deep dive into knowing what state you are in all the time

Know when to rest or manifest

The frequency of emotions will be something you begin to sense with ascending clarity 

Sense metaphysical restrictions for use with self and clients

WEEK 9, 10, 11 

Accreditations Q&A, time to make any catch ups on record.

Insight into Level Two Training of Polarity Protocols and Perception Processes



Final Month 

4 x Q&As whilst you integrate to your work

Facebook group (or similar and WhatsApp)


Group WhatsApp Support 

Facebook group (or similar and WhatsApp) 



Free Access to Become an Energetic Client Magnet Activations One & Two and four days of prompts 


Add a One to One
Ultimate Spiritual Up-level to Your Experience


The VIP of Self Mastery through One to One Empowerment sessions with Gill

1-2-1 Energetic Mapping and Transformation 

This 1-2-1 session 3 hour Breakthrough Session.  Find out the energetics of what may have been holding you back from lifetimes, karma or your ancestry shadow work, limiting subconscious programmes.

 Together we will know the keys to unlock the ultimate expansion in your energetic field and practical application in your life love and business. and the first introduction to the  9th Dimensional energy.

1-2-1 Personalised Tracking of Expansion

Two weeks later a 90 min deep dive into how the world is reflecting back to you, what your new energy is attracting and what is showing up in your life. We will have more breakthroughs based on how you are responding to the tools and receiving the good stuff unconditionally! This will provide absolute clarity on your next steps.

Personal What’s App Support 

Results from 2023

Cassie Hicks

business and maketing coach


State change alchemy has brought another incredible perspective to my work

Felicity & Cornel Bolencio



'' through the one to ones with Gill OUR RELATIONSHIP HAS NEVER BEEN SO CONNECTED, AND MY BUSINESS JUST TOOK OFF! I could not walk before the session as My diagnosed deteriotive back issue prevented it. I am now swimming and travelling to speak on stages''

Sarah Snape

confidence coach and mum of teenagers

''I HAVE NEVER WORKED WITH ENERGy BEFORE AND WOW! It adds a whole new dimension to my work and theough one to ones have elevated my connection in all relationships and at home.''

Friday June 7th


Cowley Manor 

 STAY THERE FOR A SPECIAL RATE  AND USE THE IN DOOR AND OURT DOOR POOL at Spa!  LEt US know if you want the direct booking number for room rates 

We have FIVE free passes to the spa for the first to book without a room

We Play We Rise
More Results

Embody the Gifts you came here to use!

Embody the ways to know instinctively when to rest or manifest

It is not about who we are it is about our perception in every moment

Our evolution of self is continuous

Recognise the innate information flowing within you and align whilst developing your extra sensory skills

Transformations that State Change Alchemy have created

A release 20 year old trauma stuck in the body in 5 minutes like an instant in the Gym

In 15 minutes recognise overwhelm, or anxiety, see what it is telling you and breakthrough

To know when to rest or manifest and what to do

Make clear decisions in life and business

Support your wellbeing in a mind blowing way

Hold Space for extraordinary growth for One to One Hundred Thousand People

Whatever change you bring to the world. to work as a 9D modality in meditation format you can create massive breakthroughs to activate their own 9D Perception, extrasensory gifts and navigate state change

Testimonials from BETA Days 2023

Hi I am Gill

AKA Mind Alchemist

''I am a multidimensional joy activator Queen of energetic mastery and my absolute passion is to not only make the cosmic comfortable but to join ALL the dots of spirituality, sensuality and self love with abundance in wealth and relationships in love, self and clients

Everything is connected and I went through many dark murky shadow energy to get to mentor on the level I do.

On a I was in yang energy of hard core sales for many years, reading and connecting people with their desires, I now teach this on a whole new level with the help of my Galactic family, Shamanic Medicine Man and White Feather. In my Yin energy I am an expert seer in the psychological and metaphysical shadow, blind spots, subconscious programmes, ancestorial healing, which hold you back, intensive training in trauma release , contracts and entity release facilitator and have all the will in the world to help connect us and raise the vibration of humanity on this beautiful earth.''

The clients on the last in person 5 day retreat ended with these words for me. ''Soul Sister'' ''True Champion'' ''All seeing eye'' ''Magnetic'' ''Joy Activator'' ''The Special One'' '' Beyond Words'' ''Channel for Growth'' ''Maestro'' ''Magical'

The Spiral Alchemy part of SCA can be used for groups at retreats, festivals or work environments ( Level Two Training)

Feedback from a group session of Spiral Alchemy at INTO the WILD FESTIVAL AUGUST 2023

Are you highly sensitive, intuitive, emotional and/or a high achiever especially those who support others naturally. If so, this is for you!

“It’s like I have de-layered”, “I feel reborn”, “I feel released from all the stuck”, “I feel fully connected.’’

Real life Outcomes Feel like...

Amplification of the  the connection with your beings, guides and energies for empowered healing and transformation!

Receiving all kinds of love unconditionally? Pause on this point and breathe it in deeply… No dread, no limbo, no envy, simply visualising, knowing and receiving.

Expand your desires into reality faster through this connection with your higher self.

Be so connected with your heart that choices are confidently soul led without guilt and you have a harmonious relationship with your emotions, health and business.

Only work with pressure that propels you forward to achieve.

Increase your fees so that your clients match with your highest frequency and together you are raising the vibration of each other and the collective frequency of abundance on the planet.

If June is not possible then register your interest here

All online sessions will be recorded

Payment is non refundable once attended day 1, you are contracting to all payments, it is not a subscription.  If you have paid and the application does not feel in your best interest before Day 1 you can have a refund 20 days in advance or extenuating circumstances

Please treat these sessions like a Modern Day Mystery School so that you are respectfully prioritised, prepared and present to be in receiving mode

1-2-1’s can be in person or on Zoom

You and the group benefits from your attendance, show up and glow up! 

Disciplined Self Love with good boundaries and commitment to growth,  is what this container is all about.

During the 16 weeks you will have a WhatsApp group for questions, and check ins, and time to practice on other high vibe members of the group.

Welcome to

State change Alchemy Day Retreats Community of high vibers
and accreditation

The 9D modality seeded from the stars to offer immediate state change and transformation of capped awareness into streaming intuition and soul led decision making

Led by GILL KIRKHAM Mind Alchemist


The combined shift of heightened perception, absolute clarity and a sense of abundance and peace in minutes.


In 5 years time intuitive and sensitive adults, teenagers and children will benefit from communicating better with their energy and feelings, especially those with diversity or adversity so that they lead with all senses switched on! Work with familiar emotions to change the future in a positive way.


You will arrive with aspects of your life not 100% aligned and working with your now moment you will leave feeling better in relationships, wealth and health.